Birthing Suites

Our Labor Delivery Recovery Postpartum (LDRP) suites are private suites that allow a mother to remain in the same room for labor, delivery, recovery and the remainder of her maternity stay. Keeping mom and baby together immediately after delivery and as much as the mother desires during her stay is one of our highest priorities. 

Our highly-trained staff and the latest equipment are there for your baby and for your peace of mind. Whether you’re starting your family or adding on, we understand how personal having a baby is for both you and your partner. At Heber Valley, you’ll be able to count on us to help you have the experience you desire. 

Heber Valley provides a birthing experience like no other. Our skilled staff provides you and your baby with individual attention and pampering by our care team like nothing you have experienced before. 

Heber Valley Clinic OB/GYN

Open today: 9am-5pm
Enter main lobby, go left to the medical office suites. Follow hallway to Suite F at the end of the hall.

Heber Valley Hospital Labor Delivery

Open today: 24 hours
Enter through main entrance, head left down the medical group lobby.