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Bloomin' Babies Birth Center

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Intermountain Health

Bloomin Babies Birth Center

Bloomin’ Babies Birth Center offers childbirth care, pregnancy care, childbirth education, post pregnancy care, childbirth education, virtual visits, pre conception consultation, prenatal care, virtual prenatal care and women's health located in Grand Junction, CO

Our Services

(970) 822-0660
2241 North 7th Street, Grand Junction, CO
Childbirth care

Comprehensive support for mothers before, during, and after delivery, ensuring safe and comfortable childbirth experiences for both mother and child

Post pregnancy care

Tailored assistance and guidance for new mothers, focusing on physical recovery, emotional well-being, and infant care to foster a healthy post-pregnancy transition

Pre conception consultation

Comprehensive guidance and health support for individuals planning pregnancy, optimizing their well-being and addressing potential risks to enhance the chances of a successful and healthy conception

Pregnancy carePrenatal Care

Essential healthcare and guidance for expectant mothers, prioritizing the well-being of both mother and baby throughout the pregnancy journey, ensuring a healthy and safe delivery

Virtual prenatal care

Remote healthcare and guidance for expectant mothers, utilizing digital tools and telemedicine to provide comprehensive prenatal support, ensuring convenience and accessibility throughout the pregnancy journey.

Virtual visits

From home consultations and interactions facilitated through digital platforms, offering convenient access to healthcare professionals and services from any location, ensuring efficient and flexible healthcare delivery

Women's health

Intermountain Health caters to women's evolving needs, providing holistic care from gynecology to mental health, promoting well-being at every stage of life.