Recognize any of our volunteers throughout the campus in their distinctive light green jackets.

What kinds of services do the volunteers provide?

  • Offer help and directions at public entrances.
  • Serve throughout the hospital in places like the ICU, surgery waiting rooms, emergency room, etc.
  • Help patients' families connect with physicians and care providers.
  • Provide information for staff members, patients, and family members.
  • Staff and operate gift shops.
  • Respond to patient and visitor requests.
  • Perform music for patients.
  • Train and provide therapy animals to long-term patients.
  • Provide services like blood pressure screenings at local senior centers.
  • Sit with patients who are alone or need comfort

Why are volunteers important?

"They’re [volunteers] the heart of the community and give an extra dose of caring that enhances everything that happens here," says Dana Barrutia, Intermountain Medical Center’s director of volunteer services. 

Many volunteers have given years of service to the hospital; all are trained in customer service and protecting patient privacy.

"For many of our volunteers, their service is a way to pay back the caring and compassion that others have invested in them, either in our hospitals or in the community," Dana says. "They volunteer to show their appreciation."