The following videos and resources will help answer some common questions cancer survivors face.

Cancer Survivorship 101

At Intermountain Healthcare we believe that at the moment of diagnosis with cancer you are a survivor. In this video Dianne Kane, director of oncology services at Intermountain Medical Center, introduces our survivorship program and the important things to remember as you finish cancer treatment.
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Giving Back

Whether it be through donations, service, or advocating for early cancer detection, giving back after you finish treatment can be very healing. In this video you will find ways to become more involved in giving back after cancer. 
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Health Insurance

Insurance can become very confusing as you go through cancer treatment. This video will help you understand insurance terms and policies. You will see a discussion between a cancer survivor and a healthcare professional regarding common questions with coverage of cancer treatment.


Some cancers can be hereditary and genetic counseling could be very beneficial to you, depending on your type of cancer and situation. Watch this video to learn about criteria that would point you to genetic counseling and testing and what is involved in completing it.

Emotions and Communication

Even though you are finished with cancer treatment, you may continue to experience emotional and communication difficulties. This video explains more about common emotions and social difficulties that patients experience after cancer treatment and where you can turn for help.


It is very common for patients and couples to have trouble and changes to their sex lives after cancer treatment. These things are normal and can be addressed. In this video you can see a group discussion on difficulties with sexuality and questions you can ask your doctor or another healthcare professional to help improve your specific situation.

Advance Care Planning

Advance care planning means thoughtfully considering a time when you may not be able to make healthcare decisions for yourself. This time may never come, but the thinking, sharing, and recording you have done will help clarify your values and give you peace of mind, and put your loved ones at ease. This video explains what advanced care planning is and what you and your loved ones can do to make your healthcare wishes known.