At Intermountain Cancer Centers we treat all types of gynecologic cancers, including cancer and pre-cancer of the vulva, vagina, cervix, uterus, ovaries, and fallopian tubes. We're skilled in treating cervical cancer, ovarian cancer, uterine cancer and other cancers related to the female reproductive system.

Our physicians not only care for patients with the Intermountain Healthcare system, but also have academic appointments at the Huntsman Cancer Institute.

Our team meets twice a month for a special board discussion to determine the best possible treatment methods for your individual cancer. Many specialists are involved, including gynecologic oncology, medical and radiation oncology, pathology, radiology, dietitians, and others. This multidisciplinary approach gives patients access to personalized and cutting-edge treatment designed by the best minds from Intermountain Healthcare and the academic world.

How we compare

Intermountain Cancer Centers treat more GYN related cancers than all other health systems in Utah combined. We treat 57 percent of the state's gynocologic cancers.