The diabetes education program provides information and support to patients to help them better manage their diabetes and supplement the medical care they receive from their physicians. Our educators can help patients being treated at many of the outpatient clinics on the Intermountain Medical Center campus, as well as hospitalized inpatients who have diabetes or glucose intolerance.

Because diabetes is a chronic disease, adopting a healthy lifestyle is the key to good health. The diabetes education program coordinators offer many resources to people with diabetes and their families and are trained specifically to help patients learn to live with the disease.

Diabetic Foot Clinic

If you have diabetes, you have a greater risk of suffering from foot problems. Poor blood flow, nerve damage and or excessive pressure can cause calluses, ulcers, blisters, or changes to shape and structure of your feet or toes. These problems can become serious if proper care is not taken. But with proper care, you can maintain healthy feet.

At the Diabetic Foot Clinic, we can help you with your foot problems. We can assist you in the care of diabetic wounds on your lower legs and feet that are difficult to heal. All of our treatments are nonsurgical.

Our Services

  • We can assist with proper footwear, custom orthotics, and shoe modifications that may be necessary to provide your feet with the proper support and protection.
  • We can also provide education on physical activity and diabetes management to assist with the care of your feet.

The Diabetic Foot Clinic is located on the TOSH campus but operated by Intermountain Medical Center.

Diabetes at Intermountain Medical Center

Gardner Women and Newborn Center Draw Station 4th Floor

Enter through the main Women's Center doors on the northwest side of the campus and take the elevator up to the fourth floor. Turn right when you exit the elevator.

Gardner Women and Newborn Center Draw Station 1st Floor

Enter through the north patient tower entrance (Building 5) and turn left. Go past the statue and continue down the hallway to the Women's Center building (Building 7). The lab is on the right in suite 180.

Eccles Outpatient Care Center Draw Station

The draw station is in the main lobby area on Level 1 of Building 2 next to the pharmacy.