At Intermountain Medical Center, we have two clinics that offer Internal Medicine Services to provide you with the best medical care possible. 

Edwards Internal Medicine Clinic

How your care will be provided in Intermountain Medical Center's Edwards Internal Medicine Clinic

The Edwards Internal Medicine Clinic is a teaching clinic affiliated with the University of Utah Medical School and the University's Medical Residency Training Program. In order to provide you with the best medical care possible during your visit, you'll be seeing the following healthcare providers:

  • A medical assistant who will record your weight, temperature, blood pressure, and other information the doctor will need.
  • A clinical pharmacist is on staff and may be asked by the physician to consult with you about your medications. 
  • A resident physician or advanced medical student who will talk to you about your medical problems and examine you.

After meeting with you, the resident physician will discuss your healthcare with one of our experienced attending physicians. Together they will meet with you to decide on the best plan of care for you. Although this consultation may take some time to complete, it's a real benefit to you to have two doctors to discuss your care in depth.

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