Primary Care Services

Kaysville Creekside Adult Care

Family Medicine

Our family medicine department takes pride in keeping you and your family healthy. We provide a variety of services including checkups, physicals, and immunizations.
Kaysville Creekside Imaging Services

Imaging and Lab Services

We offer lab and imaging services for patients close to home.
Kaysville Creekside Mental Health Integration

Mental Health Integration

Our team is dedicated to providing treatment and education to improve your mental health. Find out how our mental health integration services use a variety of resources to address your healthcare needs.
Kaysville Creekside Newborn and Pediatrics

Newborn and Pediatrics

Our doctors provide a wide variety of services for newborns and children. Whether it's preventive care for your newborns or improving your child's asthma we can help.
Kaysville Creekside Womens Care

Women's Care

For every woman it's important to be proactive with your health. That's why we offer a variety of services such as physicals, preventative care, and wellness checkups to keep women at any age healthy and happy.

All Services, Treatments, and Detection Methods

Family Medicine

Family medicine is a medical specialty devoted to comprehensive healthcare.

Preventive Medicine

Preventive medicine focuses on disease prevention, as opposed to disease treatment.

Primary Care

Our doctors listen to your health concerns and focus on your individual needs.