Emergency Department and Trauma Services

Emergency care when you need it most

We provide care for any urgent condition, from heart attacks to traumatic injuries. We can treat the initial emergency connect you with a specialist to continue care.

Best practices for emergency care

Simple transfers to continue care

Work directly with EMS services

High-quality care

Emergency Department and Trauma Services

A Care Team Centered Around You

Advanced Practice Provider (APP)

Your Advanced Practice Provider (APP) plays a key role in your journey.

APPs can include physician assistants and nurse practitioners specially trained in emergency medicine. They assist the physician with care.

Critical Care Tech

Your Critical Care Tech plays a key role in your journey.

A critical care tech helps with your care. They can take your vital signs and administer an IV or other medicines.

Emergency Medicine Nurse

Your Emergency Medicine Nurse plays a key role in your journey.

These nurses are trained and certified to handle critical situations and injuries.

Emergency Medicine Physician

Your Emergency Medicine Physician plays a key role in your journey.

This is a doctor with special training for trauma and time-sensitive emergencies.

Referring Providers

Our team follows evidence-based practices to treat urgent situations and includes patients and primary care providers in follow up treatment plans. We are also able to quickly connect patients with specialists to continue their care.

Expanded Care

Intermountain Healthcare offers expanded services outside the hospital including Telehealth, Genomics, and Homecare. Within Intermountain’s continuum of care, these services play a key role in allowing patients to receive the best care possible in a variety of settings and circumstances.


High quality care for patients, no matter where they are.

Bringing Specialists to our Community

We use telehealth technology to bring specialty knowledge to clinical teams, and provide access to care when, where, and how our patients need it.  

Keeping Patients Close to Home

Intermountain Telehealth brings Intermountain’s world-class experts to patients, no matter where they are, so they can receive the right care, in the right place, at the right time.