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Living Well with Chronic Conditions - All Locations

1 Occurrence

A 6-session evidence-based free workshop designed for those dealing with a chronic or limiting health conditions. Participants learn self-management techniques such as problem solving, action planning, using the mind and decision making skills needed in the day to day management of any type of ongoing health condition. The program has also been proven to be effective for caregivers.


Morning of Mindfulness - Park City Hospital

3 Occurrences

Enjoy a half-day retreat taught by mindfulness expert, Vicki Overfelt, where you can set your intentions and experience a day of mindfulness with the LiVe Well Center.

Ski Conditioning

Winter Conditioning Class

2 Occurrences

Up your game this season with the help of our trained exercise experts who will get you fit and ready for anything winter brings your way from skiing and snowboarding to snow biking.

Mindfullness Class_June 20176

Mindfulness Essentials

1 Occurrence

In this six-week course, participants will learn the art of mindful meditation to help reduce stress and improve overall well-being.

Week 29

Prenatal Class

10 Occurrences

In this four week class you’ll learn about pregnancy changes, pain management options, labor and delivery, breastfeeding, postpartum adjustments, and newborn care.

Intermountain Healthcare's Park City Hospital (formerly Park City Medical Center) in Park City, Utah

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) at LiVe Well Center - Park City

1 Occurrence

Learn how to actively engage in your health and well-being and discover peace of mind through our Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) course at the LiVe Well Center in Park City taught by certified MBSR instructor Vicki Overfelt.

mom gazing at baby

Postpartum Self Care for Your Pelvic Floor

2 Occurrences

Designed for postpartum women, learn how to strengthen your pelvic floor to heal your body after pregnancy. 

Planting Seeds of Health

Advances in Nutritional Science to Live Healthfully to 100 with Joel Fuhrman, MD

1 Occurrence

Learn the keys to longevity and how to thrive past age 100 with New York Times best-selling author Joel Fuhrman, MD. Join Park City Hospital's LiVe Well Center for a FREE seminar and discussion about healthy aging.


Sansego LiVe Well Experience

1 Occurrence

Join Craig Alexander and an absolutely incredible performance and wellness team of experts in Park City, Utah  for a transformational weekend of training, performance education, and personalized analysis by some of the world best sports science minds.  

Womens Emplowerment

Braver, Bolder, Stronger - Women's Leadership Experience

1 Occurrence

Train alongside Ironman Champion Rachel Joyce, challenging your swimming, cycling and running skills, while also participating in leadership reflection sessions that teach you how to play to your strengths, cultivate resilience and unleash your inner warrior.