Blue Light Cystoscopy

Intermountain Urology at the Utah Valley Clinic offers the blue light cystoscopy. This FDA approved technology is used to detect tumors in the bladder.

The blue light cystoscopy, known as Cysview, helps oncologists and urologists find bladder tumors more easily than a standard cystoscopy, which can miss some tumors that are too small to see. Cysview (hexaminolevulinate HCL) is a colorless contrast solution that accumulates in rapidly growing cells (such as cancer cells) and turns bright pink or red under a blue light.

When used along with the traditional method, this new technology:

  • Improves detection so your doctor can see and remove more cancerous tumors
  • Allows better disease management by removing more tumors

Benefits of blue light cystoscopy include:

  • Imaging of bladder tumors using a molecular tool
  • Better tumor visibility and more complete removal
  • Decreased rates of tumor recurrence

The best candidates for blue light cystoscopy are patients who are suspected or known to have bladder tumors.