Understanding Your Diagnosis

We are dedicated to providing cancer patients and their families with an understanding of their diagnosis, their treatment options and to answering any questions they may have. Regardless of the diagnosis, cancer patients and their families can and should be provided with the peace of mind that comes from being well informed.

When someone is battling a serious illness such as cancer, it’s important to know enough about the disease and the treatment to communicate with your healthcare team. Our Cancer Education Centers are available to help people find effective communization tools, the best answers to questions, the most recent information about cancer, which clinical trials are going on and how a person can help themselves or a loved one who has cancer.

What We Offer

From information on your diagnoses, treatment options, and current research, the Education Center provides everything you need so you can find peace of mind through understanding.

Books & Pamphlets

A variety of books and pamphlets to help better understand cancer


Access to a computer to help you with your research

Health Educators

Trained staff who can guide you to the resources you need