What is AYA?
AYA stands for Adolescent and Young Adult. This is a group of people diagnosed with cancer between the ages of 15 and 39.
Why is Cancer Different for AYAs?
AYAs have no medical home – they feel too old for pediatric cancer care, but too young for adult cancer care (in which most patients are decades older).
What is a Patient Navigator?
A Patient Navigator has special training to help AYAs with cancer manage daily life needs and general concerns and expectations. The navigator answers questions and connects AYAs to hospital and community resources. In other words, the navigator helps “navigate” the healthcare system. He or she can also act as the patient’s advocate and supporter.
Who is the HIAYA Cancer Care program for?
The HIAYA Cancer Care Program is for people between the ages of 15 and 39 diagnosed with cancer as well as their support system, including caregivers.
How much money will navigation cost me?
Seeing the HIAYA Patient Navigator is free and open to the community. There is no charge.
My cancer is in remission. Can I still see the Patient Navigator?
Yes! The Patient Navigator is for people across the cancer continuum, from first diagnosis through survivorship.
Do I have to be treated at Intermountain Healthcare or Huntsman Cancer Institute?
No, this service is available to patients of any healthcare institution. While we primarily serve patients in Utah, patients can also come from nearby states.