No words are more dreaded by patients and physicians alike than being told you have cancer. At Intermountain, we are aggressively working toward curing cancer and permanently eliminating these painful words. In the meantime, we are dedicated to detecting cancer early, and helping our patients fight it through advanced therapies and proven cancer care treatments.

Cancer occurs when a normal cell in your body mutates into or becomes an abnormal cell, and then continues to multiply, sometimes forming masses called tumors. Cancer doesn’t come in just one form however, there are many different types depending on how the cell mutates. Effective cancer care targets these specific kinds of cancer.

Early detection is critical to finding and treating these different kinds of cancer. Through screenings, biopsies, and clinical exams, Intermountain’s skilled physicians and technicians can better watch for and monitor any risks. Talk to your doctor about how often you should receive a mammogram, colonoscopy, skin exam, or prostate exam.

If cancer is detected through a screening or exam, Intermountain’s expert team of oncologists and care managers will determine a cancer care plan that fits your individual needs and type of cancer. We employ a variety of effective treatment options including chemotherapy, radiation therapy, precision cancer care, and surgery to get you cancer-free and living well. We fight cancer with you and for you.


Cancer Surgery

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Cancer immunotherapy, or immuno-oncology, is a treatment that alters the body’s natural immune system reaction to cancer cells. In essence, this type of treatment can either take the brakes off the immune system or teach the immune system how to fight.


Lymphedema Treatment

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Radiation Therapy

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