At the LiVe Well Center we take a comprehensive approach to treating osteoarthritis, including physical therapy, nutrition, stress management, exercise and surgical options. Our trained experts help you to manage and improve your arthritis symptoms to help you achieve the freedom and pain-free movement you want.

Arthritis Services

Physical Therapy

Our therapists are trained in the care of those with arthritis and can help relieve your symptoms

Water Therapy

We offer aquatic exercise classes designed to help decrease pain and increase mobility for those with arthritis through buoyancy.

Nutrition Counseling

LiVe Well Center nutrition experts provide participants with individualized nutrition counseling to positively impact health and arthritic symptoms. Topics include, but are not limited to: 

  • Disease and weight management
  • Decreasing inflammation through nutrition
  • Reducing risk for chronic disease
  • Ensuring we’re getting adequate energy and supporting physical activity

ArthoFit Class

Our ARTHROFIT exercise classes are available at various times each week. Each 60-minute class features three different types of exercises to help participants achieve better health and mobility: 

  • Aerobic conditioning on a treadmill or a bike in an interval format in order to improve endurance and maximize calories burned.
  • Strength training in a circuit format to maximize calories burned and minimize stress on your joints.
  • Flexibility and stretching of the major muscle groups in order to minimize stiffness and increase mobility.

The ArthoFit class is also great for people who have recently had joint replacement surgery. Class size is limited to six people to ensure a personalized experience.