How much do you love a snow day? Practically everyone is always delighted to hear there's no school, but if you are tempted to spend your snow day hanging out in your PJs while watching brainless shows all day, get real. Sitting in front of a screen all those hours is not only not healthy, it's not as fun as playing in the snow either.

Snow Activities

There are lots of ways to have fun in the snow that don't involve driving to the slopes and buying a lift ticket. Build a snowman — the funnier it looks the better! Go sledding — climbing back up the hill burns tons of calories.

If you own snowshoes or cross country ski equipment, head to a local park or trail to get a great workout.

Too Cold?

If it's too cold to go outside, or you're chilled to the bone, you can have plenty of fun inside without turning on the TV or going online. Play board games or catch up on some reading.

You can also use your unexpected free time to give back. Clean out your closet and put together a bag of clothes to donate to charity. Bake a batch of cookies for someone who could use cheering up, or help your neighbors shovel the snow from their walks and steps.