To our online community:

Thank you for your support and for joining our online community. Intermountain Healthcare maintains a presence on social networking sites in order to encourage people and organizations to take an active role in leading healthier lives by sharing ideas and information with as many people as possible.

We hope you find the Intermountain Healthcare social media sites to be a reliable source of news updates and information about healthcare. Beyond that, we also hope it will become a key place for you to connect, make friends, trade stories, and be a part of our growing online community. We hope you see this as a place to share messages of support, and a place where you can give us your feedback.

This is your community. Please remember that any comments you make here should be made with respect for other members of your community and in keeping with the tradition of neighbor helping neighbor. This is not an appropriate place for personal attacks, misleading information about health issues, spam, or product ads.

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  • Defamation to a person, groups of people, or an organization
  • Comments intended to sell or market a product or service except as expressly supported by Intermountain Healthcare, or
  • Comments by the public that our Social Media team deems inappropriate

We understand that social media runs 24/7, but please realize that we may not see or review every message right away. We trust the dignity of our community in responding appropriately to personal attacks and negative speech politely; or even better – to ignore them.

We make reasonable effort to read all comments posted here. Our intention is to moderate with a light hand and to provide room for real conversations and dialogue to take place. This may be our page, but it is your community. Please help us to keep it clean and free of potentially offensive or inappropriate content.

Thank you for taking the time to read this message and for helping us keep our community page as authentic, helpful and welcoming as we intend it to be. Keep commenting, and thank you for joining the conversation.

Please contact if you have any questions or if you wish to report a post that you think is inappropriate under the criteria set forth above. ​