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    5 Things You Should Do Before Delivery

    5 Things You Should Do Before Delivery

    1. Birth Plan - Consider your birth plan a guide for you and your doctor through the pregnancy journey. You can change your birth plan at any time, just as your childbirth care team may need to change your plan to ensure safety and best practices for you and your baby. Here are some topics to address with your doctor (Click here for a printable form):  
      1. Labor room environmental preferences to help you feel comfortable
      2. How you would like to communicate pre, during and post delivery
      3. Preferred birthing techniques (hypnosis for birth, Lamaze, Bradley, other)
      4. Pain management
      5. Preference with stimulating labor with Pitocin, breaking water, or other
      6. Comfort needs
    2. Hospital Bag – A hospital bag can be your best friend. It’s a good idea to pack your bag several weeks ahead of time because often baby comes on its own terms, ready or not. When packing, think about things that will offer you comfort and nice to haves. Here are a few ideas to get you started, but take advice from a few moms on what to pack for baby and for mom:
      1. Robe
      2. Comfortable cloths
      3. iPod
      4. Journal
      5. Socks and slippers
      6. Camera
    3. Find a Pediatrician – You and your pediatrician will have a long lasting relationship as your little one grows through the years. You’ll want to find a pediatrician you trust and can bond with. Waiting until baby is delivered can leave you feeling rushed because the babies first visit with the pediatrician is immediately after birth. Here are a few more reasons to find a pediatrician early in pregnancy.
    4. Birthing classes – Birthing classes can be a great way to prepare you for what is to come with pregnancy. Classes are often offered based on trimester and even as specific as hypnosis for birth.
    5. Preregister – Save time and limit stress by registering at the facility you plan on delivering with ahead of time. You can visit or call the facility anytime before your due date. 


    Bonus:Nurse Dani has 3 more things you should think about when planning for delivery.