Intermountain Healthcare has Utah’s most comprehensive care network for infants, children, and adolescents. We provide compassionate, quality care for minor scrapes and bruises, rare and complex conditions, and everything in between.

Team Approach

You’ll join a team of pediatric specialists to work together and find solutions tailored to your child’s medical and personal needs. We know your input is crucial to positive medical outcomes, and together we’ll reach effective treatment decisions.

Convenient Care

We offer convenient pediatric care at a wide variety of locations throughout Utah and Southern Idaho, bringing you quality care close to home.

Experienced Providers

When it comes to your child’s health, experience matters. Our leading pediatricians draw from years of experience and knowledge to deliver the best quality of care possible.

Our pediatricians are experts in general childhood health, from growth spurts and development to vaccines and preventative medicine. They can help you with the many choices you will face throughout parenthood, such as breastfeeding, parenting style, and using antibiotics. Your Intermountain Healthcare pediatrician will also be able to refer you to specialists and point you towards helpful resources.

Proven Technology

Our pediatric experts are committed to keeping up with and implementing cutting-edge technology to improve pediatric care.

Better Cost Management

We deliver the right care in the right setting at the right time. We won’t over-treat your child or misuse resources.

Helpful Tips

When it comes to getting the most value from your pediatrician and pediatric team, keep the following three helpful tips in mind.

  • Find your pediatrician sooner rather than later. A child’s first checkup comes right after they are born, so take some time during pregnancy to research doctors near you and choose one that meets your family’s needs. When considering your options, you may want to choose a pediatrician who practices at the hospital where your baby will be born.

    Also, when moving, don’t forget to find a new pediatrician for your family prior to moving or just after your move. Moving to a new place can be a stressful event; however, it can bring you ease knowing who to call should any health issues arise.

  • Choose the right pediatrician for you. You will see your pediatrician in both moments of happiness and times of concern, which is why it is important to choose one with whom you feel comfortable and one that is conveniently accessible to both you and your child. When choosing a pediatrician, ask for recommendations from friends, check review sites, and ask questions to ensure your doctor is a good partner for your family.

  • Visit your pediatrician on a periodic basis. One of the services your pediatrician will provide is regular checkups as your child grows and develops. These checkups will include basic tests to ensure your child is meeting appropriate growth and development milestones. 

    These checkups are most frequent in babies and younger children, and decrease as kids get older. It can be tempting to stop taking your kids to the doctor once they are older, but it is important for them to be seen annually to address issues and to stay on top of immunizations.



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