Dealing with cancer can be difficult, that’s why it’s helpful to get a full range of the latest cancer treatment options from caring physicians. That’s what patients find at the Huntsman-Intermountain Cancer Center at American Fork Hospital.

The American Fork Cancer Center combines Intermountain's clinical expertise with Huntsman Cancer Institute's research capabilities to offer the best care possible.

American Fork Hospital’s Cancer Services provides complete diagnosis, treatment and research services including medical oncology (chemotherapy), radiation therapy, clinical trials and full surgical options.


Cancer Treatments

We offer a variety of cancer treatments.


Cancers We Treat

Our cancer care team treats a variety of cancer types with customized treatment plans.


Detection Methods

Early detection is key in cancer care, and we offer a variety of detection methods.


Cancer Care Team

Our experienced cancer care team provides a multidisciplinary approach to cancer treatment.


Cancer Education Center

The Education Center provides cancer-related information and resources to patients and families.


Clinical Trials

Patients being treated for cancer at the American Fork Cancer Center may have the opportunity to participate in clinical trials.


Cancer Support Services

The American Fork Cancer Center provides a variety of ways for cancer survivors to stay connected and supported.

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Screening Programs

Our accredited cancer team works together to provide patients with comprehensive, high-quality care that follows national care guidelines proven to achieve the best outcomes. 

A nurse comforts a cancer patient

Breast Center of Excellence

Our accredited Breast Center of Excellence features a team of experts working together to help our patients achieve the best results in breast care.


Genetic Counseling

The genetic counseling program at the American Fork Cancer Center helps identify the possible risks of cancer that run in family and genes.