There are many places to get hearing aids, but there's something to be said for a team of certified professionals with years of experience that use the latest hearing aid technology. That's what our caring team offers you.

We fit hearing aids for patients of all ages — even infants and children. We offer the latest hearing aid technology from many of the top hearing aid manufacturers. Discounts are available.

We also fit assistive listening devices, such as hearing aid integrated Bluetooth systems and FM listening systems.

We provide a personalized counseling session with patients to provide information on how to confidently and comfortably use hearing aids.

Adjustments, Follow-up and Repairs

Best of all, when you purchase your hearing aids through our office, we provide free follow ups for hearing aids (though the exact number depends on your insurance). This means you can get your cleanings and adjustments without being charged for an office visit, no matter how long you've had your hearing aids. What's important to us is the comfort and performance of your hearing aids.

We can perform many hearing aid repairs in office, which is a time and money saver for patients. For those repairs that cannot be done in office, we can send the hearing aid to a private all-make repair lab or a manufacturer repair lab.

What to Expect

How long does a typical visit take?

Hearing aid fitting: 90 minutes
Hearing aid follow-up: 45 minutes

What happens during an appointment?

During a hearing aid fitting, your hearing aid will be adjusted by an audiologist to best meet your hearing loss and hearing goals. Instruction on how to best maximize the hearing aids for efficiency and comfort will also be provided.

What if I need a follow-up visit?

Our follow-up policy means you can get hearing aid adjustments and cleanings without an office visit charge.