American Fork Hospital Outpatient Nutrition Services provides nutrition counseling that's personalized to help you with a number health concerns. We provide nutrition advice catered to your individual needs in a way that is easy to understand and apply.

Nutrition Counseling

Our registered dietitians are nutrition professionals with clinical training, university degrees, and years of experience in helping people treat a variety of health conditions through healthy diet and nutrition changes. We work with you to help you understand nutrition recommendations specific to your health needs, and create a plan to help you meet your nutrition goals.

Our Services

We offer nutrition counseling for many diet-related conditions including:


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Weigh to Health Program

The Weigh to Health Program is for overweight adults who want to lose weight, improve their health, and feel better every day.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a referral required?

A physician referral is not required to meet with a registered dietitian, but may increase the likelihood of insurance coverage or reimbursement.

What is the cost of a visit with a registered dietitian?

The cost will vary based on the amount of time you spend with the dietitian. Some insurance providers may cover nutrition counseling. Please call your insurance provider before scheduling an appointment to confirm coverage.

What is the difference between a registered dietitian and a nutritionist?

The title of Registered Dietitian is reserved for those who have completed requirements outlined by the Commission on Dietetic Registration, including completion of a bachelors or masters degree in dietetics, an internship, and a national accreditation exam. There are no education or training requirements associated with the title of nutritionist.


American Fork Hospital Outpatient Nutrition Services

1st floor, Enter through main hospital entrance and down the main hall to past the Pink Shop. The dietitian office is the first door on the right after the Pink Shop Grill, but before the bathroom entrance.