We are ready for anything - 24 hours a day 

More than 85,000 patients will come to Intermountain Medical Center's emergency department each year. Some people call it the "Emergency Room," but it is really a large and busy department. We have 56 beds, including four trauma bays. All ED beds and bays are designed for easy access, continual monitoring, and patient privacy protection. 

Our beautiful and modern facility is one of the newest Emergency Departments in the state and features some of the most advanced equipment and technology available. Our skilled team of physicians, nurses, and other specialists are friendly, caring, and well-trained. 

The Emergency Department is located on LL1 of the J. L. Sorenson Patient Tower. The entrance is on the east side of the hospital's campus off of State Street, near Costco. 

Ways we stand out

Advanced trauma care

We offer some of the most efficient care in the country compared to other large Level I trauma centers. We treat more than 3,000 trauma patients every year from all over Utah with excellent outcomes. 

Heart attack and stroke care 

We partner with the skilled team at Intermountain Medical Center’s Heart Institute to provide fast and superior care for patients suffering from heart attacks and our Neurosciences Institute for stroke care. We far exceed national efficiency standards for care of heart attack and stroke victims. We provide some of the fastest care from the time you enter the ED until your heart attack or stroke is treated. That shorter time means heart muscle saved, brain cells saved, and lives saved. In addition to quick care, our stroke and heart attack outcomes are substantially better than the national average. 

We pride ourselves in our efficient care, but we also pride ourselves in providing some of the highest quality of care for heart attacks and strokes in the country. 

AcceleratED Care (AC)

AcceleratED Care (AC) offers those deemed less sick to see a provider, get treatment, and discharged in a much more rapid fashion than before. Because of AC, all patients have a shorter stay at Intermountain Medical Center's Emergency Department. Some of the things that AC has done to help patients be seen more efficiently are:

  • Decreased average waiting room times by 75%.
  • Patients are getting into a room to be seen on average in 11 minutes.
  • Decreased overall Length of Stay (LOS) in the Emergency Department by 40 minutes, which means we are able to see approximately 60 more patients a day compared to one year ago. 
  • Left without Treatment (LWOT) decreased by 3% to an all-time low of 0.9%, which means we are able to see patients when they arrive. 

Our Emergency Department is more efficient at providing care and getting patients either discharged or admitted quicker.

Other specialty programs 

In addition to our superior trauma care and cardiovascular care, our Emergency Department excels in the care of those who are critically ill and people suffering from serious orthopedic injuries. We offer rapid workups with super-specialized care. We are ready to handle anything. 

Our commitments to you 

We commit to keep you informed and involved throughout every stage of your care. We also commit to treat you and your family with respect and compassion. We pledge to listen to you with sensitivity and respond to your needs. Our mission is to help people live the healthiest lives possible.


EMS Outreach

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