Donate to Pennies by the Inch

We are no longer able to accept coins. Please make all checks payable to Primary Children's Hospital. 

Get a Group Involved

Everyone is welcome to participate in Pennies by the Inch! If you would like your company, school, community group or organization to become involved, please call Hailey Farr at 801-662-5965 or email

Volunteer for Pennies by the Inch

Pennies by the Inch volunteers reach our to members of the community by going door-to-door, making phone calls, and distributing materials in their communities to spread the word about the opportunity to contribute. 

Please call Hailey Farr at 801-662-5965 or email to learn more about becoming a volunteer in your area. All volunteers will be connected to existing volunteers that are currently supervising their geographical area. All volunteers will also receive professional Pennies by the Inch materials to support their volunteer efforts.