How old do I need to be to volunteer?

Volunteers need to be 14 to be a music volunteer, 16 to be a regular volunteer, and 18 to volunteer in some patient-care settings.

What is the time commitment?

Volunteers agree to come in once a week for a three-hour shift on the same day each week. Volunteers make a minimum commitment of six months.

Can I volunteer more than once a week?

We begin with one shift a week. If you are consistently available for that first shift, you may discuss adding a second shift with the volunteer staff, if there are openings.

Can I change my volunteer shift?

Typically at the beginning of each school semester or season volunteers need to change their shift to meet their new school schedule. This can be done by filling out a shift-change card in the volunteer office. Shift changes are made by availability.

Why can't I find the program I want to volunteer in?

Not all volunteer positions are always available. When we are taking applications for volunteer positions, those opportunities will be posted on the website. Prospective volunteers should sign up only for positions you are interested in and should not apply to a position you are not interested in hoping that the application will be accepted and you can then move into the position you actually wanted. (Example: You want to volunteer with the Kids Crew but only Returning Volunteer is posted. Do not complete the application in that posted opportunity. Your application will not be considered because you do not meet the criteria and we do not keep waiting lists.) New volunteer opportunities are typically posted on Fridays and taken down at the end of the day on Wednesdays. If you don’t see what you are looking for, please return to the website another time to see if we are taking applications for the volunteer position you are interested in. If you do not meet the qualifications of a certain volunteer opportunity, please do not apply. Volunteers will only be considered for the position you are applying for.

What happens if I apply for more than one volunteer position?

Prospective volunteers that apply for more than one volunteer opportunity will only be invited to participate in one volunteer position. The Volunteer Coordinator will make a decision based on a candidates schedule and location as to what position is offered. You will not receive an offer to volunteer in each position you apply for. If you do not want to be considered for other positions, please apply only for the position where you are most interested in volunteering.

If a program is not accepting applications, can I be put on a waiting list?

Due to the high interest from our community, we are not able to waitlist prospective volunteers. We do review our program availability on a regular basis and will open our programs when we have adequate positions available. This will usually occur each month, depending on need.

When will I hear from Volunteer Services about my application?

Once we receive your application it could be between one to three weeks before you receive an email inviting you to an orientation or informing you of your application status.

I need to fulfill community service hours for school. Do I have to commit to your hour requirements, or just meet my school's requirements?

You need to commit to 80 hours (six months) of continuous service.

I need to fulfill community service hours for my school, but I cannot make a weekly commitment. Can I do multiple hours during my school breaks?

We require a weekly commitment to meet patient and program needs.

Do you offer opportunities for court-ordered service?

We do not offer volunteer opportunities for court-ordered service.

Do you have a baby-holding program?

Volunteers in our Kids Crew Program interact with children of all age groups, including infants.

Can I complete my school or Eagle Scout project here?

Yes, with limited availability. Please visit Eagle Scout Projects for more information.

What types of toys or games can I donate?

We appreciate your interest in donating. Please refer to our donation list for more information.

Should I volunteer if I am between jobs and want to volunteer some of my free time?

If you are between jobs, and your primary goal is to find employment immediately, we ask that you wait until you have found your next position. Given that we request a six-month volunteer commitment, it is likely that your life and schedule may shift within this six-month time frame. Should you still have time for our programs in your new schedule, please contact us at that time.