The Medical Imaging Departments at Primary Children’s Hospital and Primary Children’s Outpatient Services at Riverton focus solely on imaging care for children. Our state-of-the-art, child friendly facilities are committed to the health and healing of children. Our staff is highly trained in pediatric imaging and is dedicated to offering an exceptional and professional experience for children and parents. Both our main campus and Riverton facility offer comprehensive imaging procedures and services. All procedures offered at both facilities are performed and read by a pediatric radiologist at Primary Children's.

Pediatric Imaging

It is important to understand that children are not just little adults. They require differences in the way images are obtained and interpreted. Pediatric images look different than adult images, and it is essential to have someone reading and performing these procedures that has extensive pediatric experience and understands normal development, and the scope of pediatric disease.

Our radiologists and technologists are trained to use the lowest dose of radiation to obtain the most diagnostic results. Our departments utilize imaging techniques and standards outlined by the Image GentlySM campaign, to ensure the lowest possible radiation exposure during procedures. For more information regarding radiation safety you can consult sponsored by the American College of Radiology.

The radiologists provide image interpretation services for Primary Children’s Hospital and Primary Children’s Outpatient Services at Riverton. All are board certified and fellowship trained pediatric radiologists. Each physician member of this group brings to the department a wealth of pediatric radiology experience. All have participated in well recognized and certified residency and fellowship programs and hold Certificates of Added Qualifications in Pediatric Radiology. In addition, several hold Certificates of Added Qualifications in areas such as Neuroradiology and Interventional Radiology.

Helping Families Understand 

We want our patients to feel as safe and comfortable as possible when they come to us for an imaging procedure. These videos are designed to explain imaging procedures to kids and parents and help them understand what the experience will be like. 











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