Achieve your peak athleticism

Proper fueling is essential for maximizing your athletic performance

Being a great athlete is not only about putting time into training. It’s about staying fueled by eating a wide variety of foods throughout the day, hydrating appropriately for your body size and activity level, and sleeping 8-10 hours a night.

Experienced and credentialed sports dietitians

Group workshops

One-on-one consultations

Individualized analysis sessions

Individualized Sports Nutrition Counseling

During your one-on-one sports nutrition session, you and our sports dietitian will assess your current relationship with nutrition and review your specific goals. You will get specific nutrition recommendations based on your training, performance, and weight goals. You’ll also go over:

  • Body composition assessment
  • Training and competition nutrition strategies
  • Recovery recommendations
  • Supplements
  • Meal plans, dietary analysis, and recipes

Our sports nutrition counseling also covers eating disorder treatment and counseling.

Group Workshops

Our sports nutrition workshops for youth and adult athletes are tailored to meet the needs of your team’s specific sport.

Youth Sports Nutrition Workshops

Our team offers complimentary sports nutrition workshops for youth athletes ages 9 to 18. Schedule your team’s workshop either at TOSH in the Athletes’ Kitchen, or our team can come to you!

The Athletes’ Kitchen at TOSH

It’s important to extend nutrition beyond lectures and recommendations. Food—how it looks and feels, its texture, and its taste—plays an important role in your dietary choices. During our kitchen-based workshops, you and your team can put the recommendations into practice by tasting samples of health snacks, pre-training meals, and/or nutrient-dense lunches and dinners.