Colorectal Program

Meet Our Team

The Colorectal Center Team is made up of many care professionals whose focus and responsibility is to work with families to ensure the health and success of a child's surgical outcomes and success in bowel care. Meet the doctors, nurses, and other team members you'll get to know during your care.

More About Our Team

Pediatric Nurse Practitioner

A pediatric nurse practitioner (PNP) is a registered nurse who completed a master’s, post-master, or doctoral degree specific to the pediatric patient population. PNPs work with patients from infancy to young adulthood, diagnosing illness, conducting exams, and prescribing medication. They help prevent disease, promote health, and educate family members on plans of care.

Clinic Nurses

Our nurses review and implement treatment plan that have been recommend for your child. They will work with you to understand our bowel management program, provide education and close follow up. They will also help to coordinate medical supply needs, procedures, or imaging studies. They work closely with the team to help your child have an improved quality of life.

Medical Assistant

Our medical assistant is the first person you come in contact with during your clinic visit. They obtain vital signs (blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen level, height, and weight) on your child. They will provide education on resources available during clinic. They assess your child’s needs and relay those to your medical team.

Clinic Scheduler

Our scheduler will make sure your child is scheduled appropriately for their clinic visit. She will also schedule imaging studies that need to be done prior to clinic, these may include abdominal x-rays (KUB), contrast enemas, Renal US, or other studies determined by your medical team. She will provide reminders for your appointment and clarify any questions you may have regarding your appointments. 

Child Life Specialist

Child life specialists help patients understand and cope with experiences at the hospital and in clinic. Our Child life specialist will work with you and your child to reduce any fear, anxiety or stress during physical exams or other procedures. She also provides emotional support and teach your child techniques on how to relax and cope with potential stressors. Learn More >

Social Work

Our social worker will work with the care team to help meet the emotional and social needs of your child and family. She may will help you find various community resources, school resources, find ways to pay for medications and assist with Medicare qualifications. Learn More >


Our dietitian will review your child’s growth to determine the need for nutrition services. She will work with the colorectal team to manage children who have poor growth, poor nutrition status, and those who need nutrition education. 

Research Coordinator

Our research coordinator will educate you and your child about the Colorectal Center’s research studies. All research studies are voluntary, if you and your child decide to enroll, she will talk to you about the requirements for the research studies and help you to enroll in the studies.

Pediatric Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist

Pelvic floor physical therapists specialize in the treatment of pelvic muscles, which help to maintain continence. Learn More >