LiVe Well Center team empowers patients to make lifestyle changes

Kate Parker  Dr Woodward SC
Kate Parker, a dietitian, and Kelly Woodward, DO, a physician at the Park City LiVe Well Center 

By Chansi Crompton

JD was hospitalized and diagnosed with a heart condition. At 65 years old, he’s struggled with severe obesity his entire adult life. Once discharged from the hospital, he felt very discouraged and depressed. JD was told without dramatic diet restrictions he’d likely never have the active lifestyle he previously enjoyed. 

Kelly Woodward, DO, a physician at the Park City LiVe Well Center, met JD in a Lifestyle Medicine Consultation as part of his SelectHealth Medicare Advantage LiVe Well Essentials Program. Before meeting with Dr. Woodward, JD participated in consultations with a dietitian, Katie Parker, and an exercise physiologist. 

“JD told me how his visit with Katie turned around his outlook on his health in such a powerful way,” Dr. Woodward says. “As they began reviewing his diet, Katie directed the conversation to a positive experience by shifting from what he shouldn’t eat to what he can eat. She avoided having the discussion become an admonishment for the things he shouldn’t eat, which was what he’d expected. He left feeling empowered and optimistic. His newfound mindset and optimism were reinforced when he met with our exercise physiologist, who also met JD where he is with physical activity and focused on his abilities, preferences, and values rather than his limitations.” 

As JD and Dr. Woodward wrapped up their visit, Katie walked by Dr. Woodward’s office. Dr. Woodward invited her in to say thank you. JD jumped up and, with tears in his eyes, gave Katie a big hug.

“He overflowed with his deepest gratitude for how compassionately and naturally she’d been able to help him create a positive mindset,” says Dr. Woodward. “I’m proud to be part of the LiVe Well team as we strive to promote can-do positivity that helps others embody healthy lifestyle changes.”

The work happening at our LiVe Well Centers is a good example of how we’re changing what it means to be a healthcare company and transforming the industry for the sake of healthier tomorrows. Our transformational focus on overall health will be further highlighted when we become Intermountain Health next year. Combined with our legacy of extraordinary care, we’re fulfilling our mission of helping people live the healthiest lives possible.

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