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This is a comprehensive course for parents seeking an interactive childbirth class from the comfort of their home. It is offered as 3 two-hour classes. Additional materials and course link will be sent via email. You will also be asked to gather simple items in your home. This is a virtual class taught by RN Childbirth Educators.  There is some repetition in the Hypnosis for Birth Course.  We encourage pregnant women to invite their support person to attend, but it is not a requirement to participate. You will need to have a computer or a phone with audio and visual capability.

Please note

The course information should not replace any information you receive from your Healthcare Provider. Call your Healthcare Provider if you have any questions about your pregnancy & upcoming birth.

Course Information Includes:

  • Review labor and birth physiology Learn warning signs and complications
  • Practice various comfort & coping measures
  • Learn when to go to the hospital and what to bring
  • Experience 3 Relaxation Meditations
  • Create a birth plan with your partner
  • Apply everything you learn in a Birth Rehearsal


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