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Golf FitnessSmall group golf-specific instruction based on your LiVe Well Golf Fitness Assessment
Seated StrengthStrength and flexibility exercises performed entirely from a chair utilizing bodyweight, resistance bands, and dumbbells.
Seated Strength
Strength & Conditioning: Adults & SeniorsTotal-body strength and cardio class appropriate for novice to experienced participants.
Strength  Conditioning 1x1
High-Intensity Strength & Conditioning: Adults & SeniorsTotal-body strength and cardio class for those with higher fitness levels or with prior strength training experience.
Highintensity Strength  Conditioning 1x1
Nutrition|Weight Management|Fitness
Cardiac Rehab Nutrition IThese classes are designed to help you modify your lifestyle to help prevent another heart event. Education is during the last 10min of exercise sessions.
Heart health
Group Personal TrainingWorkout in a small group setting with personalized exercise plans and ample one-on-one coaching.
Group Personal Training
Featured in Fitness
Sports Performance Training 5 Session SpecialA 5 session high intensity sports performance program.
SP 5 Session
Sports Performance Training – HOLIDAY SPECIAL - Season of SpeedHigh intensity 8-week sports performance program proven to enhance an athlete’s speed, agility, and explosive power.
Sports performance sitecore
Featured in Wellness and Mindfulness|Fitness
Strength and Conditioning for FemalesFind out ways to keep young female athletes (teens to young 20's) in the game for their growth and success.
Female Athlete Site Core
Featured in Fitness
Sports Performance Training SPEED and POWEREnhance athlete’s speed, agility, strength, explosive power and overall athleticism for all sports.
sports performance