Rainbow Kids is the pediatric palliative care program at Primary Children's Hospital. Rainbow Kids is a consultation service available to any child who is experiencing a life-threatening illness. The program is here to help both the child and family deal with feelings, symptoms, and concerns during a time that may be confusing and overwhelming. Our team is available to assist you with your treatment goals of care.

The palliative care team includes pediatricians, pediatric nurse practitioners, a social worker, an interfaith chaplain, and a continuum of care coordinator. Team members have the specialized training, experience, and understanding to work with you and your health care team. We can support you and help find the path that is best for your child and your family. This program is available at no cost to your family.

Our Services

  • We help you and your child communicate with your health care team and family members.
  • We assist in gathering the information you need to make the best decisions for your child and family.
  • We help your child and family explore the meaning of what is happening as you face the challenges of serious illness.
  • We assist your family in connecting with your faith group, at your request.
  • We offer a safe setting to talk about difficult thoughts and feelings your child and family may experience.
  • We help your health care team minimize pain and other uncomfortable symptoms, especially toward the end of life.
  • We help you find ways to stay connected with your child's school, neighbors, faith community, and friends.