The sports world is more competitive and specialized than ever, which means athletes need to seek the latest breakthroughs to gain and maintain a winning edge. No matter what sports you participate in, you need proper movement skills, endurance, speed, agility, power, and strength to excel. When you train with TOSH Sports, you'll have access to state-of-the-art equipment and scientifically designed training programs, which will improve your:

  • Overall speed and power
  • Balance, agility, and cutting speed
  • Sprint speed
  • Endurance
  • Vertical jump
  • Hitting, kicking, throwing velocity, and accuracy
  • Recovery rate
  • Confidence and self-esteem

Our Programs


Baseball and Softball Training

Our baseball and softball programs are designed to help athletes achieve the highest level of performance in all aspects of the game.

Basketball Training

If you want to separate yourself from the pack and take your game to the next level like NBA star Jameer Nelson or 2010 NBA draft pick Wesley Johnson, you have to maximize your athletic abilities. We can help.

Football Training

We take football training far beyond the standard weight room with ground-breaking assessment tools, integrated video and performance management software and scientifically based training methods.


Golf Training

The TOSH Golf program is designed specifically for golfers who want to improve their overall golf performance, prevent injuries, and play with more consistency.

Distance Running Training

If you want to improve your running and get the most out of your training time, the TOSH Running Program can help.

Skiiing, Snowboarding, Speed Skating and Figure Skating

We use our training protocols to athletes prepare for the winter olympics in all types of winter sports. We can help you improve your strength and agility to perform better and avoid injury.


Soccer Training

The TOSH Soccer program is a comprehensive collection of soccer specific training tools designed to push each player to the next level.

Swimming Training

One of the latest additions to our training protocol is the development of a unique dry-land program tailored specifically to swimmers and the improvement of their speed, explosive power and race day results.

Tennis Training

Our tennis training program caters to the mix of aerobic and anaerobic endurance, explosive strength and power, and agility required for a tennis player to excel through repeated bouts of high-intensity activity.

Volleyball Training

Our unique program helps volleyball players improve their acceleration, power and on-court agility. Through our evidence-based training protocols and patented equipment, we can help athletes rise higher with more hang time giving them more explosive power behind every strike.