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Kidney failure can be overwhelming, especially for children. They may have questions or feel anxious about this new experience. As members of the only pediatric nephrology/dialysis center in the area, our team of experienced specialists is dedicated to educating you and your family about your child’s kidney disease and treatments.

We also understand how helpful it is to do everything in one central program. By treating kidney failure early, we can often delay dialysis and kidney transplant. If a transplant does become necessary, we already know your child and your family personally.

What is Kidney Disease?

Sometimes kidneys slow down and stop doing all the things they need to do. When this happens, it is called kidney disease or kidney failure. This condition may get worse and cause other health problems, but kids living with it can still live an active, happy life. 

Types of Kidney Disease

Kidney disease can either be acute (short-lasting) or chronic (long-lasting). Both types are very serious and need immediate medical attention. 

Acute Kidney Disease 

  • Can come on suddenly but get better with medical treatment
  • May or may not require dialysis
  • If often treated for only a short time
  • Can be caused by drug overdone, heart failure, infection, injury, and poisoning

Chronic Kidney Disease 

  • Is long-lasting, and kidneys will not get better over time
  • Requires medical treatment for your child's entire life 
  • Can be caused by birth defects, urine backing into the kidneys, inflamed kidneys, genetic diseases, and systemic diseases like lupus and diabetes 

Kidney Disease Treatment

You may feel overwhelmed by your child's diagnosis of kidney disease, which is natural. The good news is that when your child follows their kidney disease treatment plan, they can continue to live an active, happy life. 

There are 3 treatment options for kidney disease: 

  1. Dialysis 
  2. Kidney transplant
  3. Conservative care

Your child's treatment plan will also include prescribed medication as recommended and a personalized diet. Our healthcare team will work with you and your child to find the best treatment option for your child. 

Patient & Family Resources

These online resources can help answer some of your questions. If you are not comfortable researching medical information online, ask for help from a medical or regular librarian, or from your social worker. 

  • American Association of Kidney Patients: This independent organization sponsors education and advocacy and develops patient communities. AAKP hosts a national meeting, provides a webinar-based education program, and maintains an interactive website covering a variety of education topics related to kidney disease.  
  • American Kidney Foundation: This non-profit organization provides charitable assistance to kidney patients to pay for health insurance premiums and other treatment-related expenses. 
  • Home Dialysis Central: This website provides resources for those who are doing home dialysis. The site offers forums for connecting with others doing home dialysis, stories, information on equipment, and much more.
  • Kidney School: This program provides learning modules in English and Spanish and an audio book covering a variety of topics related to kidney disease.
  • National Kidney Foundation: This organization has a wealth of online resources and a regular newsletter. It is dedicated to the awareness, prevention, and treatment of kidney disease. 
  • Renal Support Network: This non-profit, patient-run support organization offers advocacy and education programs. The website allows users to access the KidneyTalk podcast, a newsletter, a peer support phone line, recipes, resources, and more.