Our transplant providers are spread across multiple specialties and focuses. Learn more about each provider by visiting their profile page.

For our pediatric kidney, liver, and heart transplant providers at Primary Children's Hospital, visit our Primary Children's Hospital website


 Diane Alonso, MD - Program Director
 Shiro Fujita, MD
 Andrew Gagnon, MD
 Manuel Rodriguez, MD
 Ivan Zendejas, MD


 Richard Gilroy, MD - Medical Director
 Joseph Redman, MD
 Christopher Danford, MD
 Gordon Harmston, MD
 Robert Jones, MD
 Chaya Krishnamurthy, MD
 Edward Frech, MD
 Mark Boschert, MD


Donald Morris, MD - Medical Director
Sanjiv Anand, MD
James Stinson, MD 

Kidney PA & NP

Elizabeth Darling, PA 
Jodi Olson, NP
Kelsey Gaid, PA
Minerva Dantis-Tan, PA 

Hepatology PA & NP

Benjamin Draleau, PA
Danele Chada, PA
Lauren Becker, PA
Ryan Thueson, PA
Sabrina Williams, PA
Shar Christopher, PA

Surgery PA & NP

 Anna Gustaveson, PA
 Chantel Duffey ,NP
 Erin Monroy, PA
 Jessica Holt, NP 
 Kate Grygiel, PA
 Kristi Reinschmidt, PA
 Laura Hunt, NP
 Megan Barratt, PA
 Sarah Hudson, PA