The liver is an organ on the right side of the abdomen. It filters toxins out of the blood and helps the body filter nutrients. When the liver stops functioning properly, serious health problems result.

Do I Need a Liver Transplant?

Those with serious liver disease can receive treatment to slow their condition's progression and keep them relatively healthy, but, ultimately, liver failure will take place. Unlike those who suffer from kidney disease, patients with End Stage Liver Disease (ESLD) have no choice but transplantation if they wish to prolong their lives. There is no way to compensate for lost liver function.

How Successful are Liver Transplants?

Since the first liver transplants in the 1960s, liver transplantation has become a very successful treatment for ESLD. The advent of immunosuppression medications has drastically increased the life of the transplanted organ and decreased the occurrence of rejection episodes, prolonging the recipient's life. Modern surgical procedures and technology have also brought success to liver transplantation. The Intermountain Transplant Center consistently achieves patient and graft survival rates above the national average with waiting times two months shorter than the national time.

This site is for adult liver transplant patients and will outline who is eligible for transplant, explain the entire transplant process from beginning to end, provide a list of helpful resources, and explain what you can expect when you come to our Transplant Center.

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About Us

Our skilled transplant team includes transplant nephrologists, surgeons, transplant coordinators, critical care specialists, pathologists, radiologists, infectious disease experts, and a skilled nursing staff.

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Transplant Process

There are multiple steps involved in the liver transplant process.


Patient Resources

The Intermountain Transplant Center’s hepatologists aggressively treat many liver diseases to prevent their progression and eventual liver failure.