Connect Care is used by patients all across the Wasatch Front - and beyond. Nothing speaks louder to the value of Connect Care than the experiences of others. Here are some experiences of our patients:

  • "Such an amazing service provided - I had no time to visit the doctor's office since I have a hectic work schedule and an infant. This service was a lifesaver and allowed me to get the help I needed without creating a huge disruption in my crazy schedule. Thanks!" - Jessica M.

  • "Quick and easy - I used Connect Care for an eye infection that had been going around our family. It was clear what the issue was, and the Connect Care provider made things simple and easy to get the medicine I needed. Much easier and cheaper than going to a doctor's office." - Jonathan A.

  • "This was the quickest, easiest way to see a doctor! Especially convenient because I finally decided to see the doctor after normal working hours." - Jeanette C.

  • "I was able to get a thorough and complete diagnostic and treatment plan from my doctor on Connect Care. It included both prescription and over-the-counter options for treatment. The visit was more complete than my last few face-to-face visits with doctors." - Leigh B.