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Pregnancy and baby

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Childbirth education

Three women cradling newborn babies

In-person and virtual childbirth education classes

We have different classes available to new parents in Utah to help you prepare for your new arrival. Available online or through live virtual classes, every lesson is taught by a registered nurse, on topics from birth-basics to breastfeeding. We also run many different in-person classes for new parents in locations across Colorado and Montana. Contact your local facility to see what classes you can attend.

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Prenatal classes in Utah

Prepare for parenthood with our expert-led pregnancy and birth classes. Your journey to a confident and healthy pregnancy starts here.

Register for free access to online birth education materials and tools. You must take this course before taking our Birth Basics Q&A - Virtual Course.

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This is a fun and interactive Q&A with a specialist childbirth educator and builds on the information based in the free online Childbirth Class (1x class).

Discover and practice various coping skills and self-hypnosis techniques to help families achieve a calm, peaceful, and deeply satisfying birth with this comprehensive course. (5x 2.5 hour classes)

Get breastfeeding off to the best start possible and learn proper latch-on techniques, nursing positions, engorgement prevention, as well as milk expression and proper storage (1x 2-hour class).

Learn about late pregnancy, signs of labor, birth plans, pain control choices, hospital care, communication, various coping and comfort techniques, new mom care, new baby care and breastfeeding. (6x 2-hour classes)

Prepare for a more comfortable labor and birth with this interactive childbirth class that emphasizes coping techniques and partner support. (Three 2-hour classes, $45)

This condensed class is a great refresher for experienced parents or for first-time parents who are short on time!