We partner with community agencies and local not-for-profits to improve the health of our communities one person at a time.

Hospital-based Healthcare Initiatives

Using data from our 22 local hospitals, Intermountain Healthcare conducts a Community Health Needs Assessment to identify local area health needs. Then, each hospital develops an implementation strategy to address a local health need to benefit their local community.

The Community Health Needs Assessment and Implementation Strategy for Intermountain's hospitals help to share useful data with other community agencies and local not-for-profits, and helps us set priorities to help communities become healthier together. Based on the information gathered, we’ve designated targeted areas where we can make a difference in improving the health of Utah and Idaho residents one person at a time.

Additional Initiatives

Learn more about our community health initiatives so you can help your family, friends, and neighbors live the healthiest life possible. You’ll find information on preventing opioid misuse, identifying the social determinants of health, enhancing suicide prevention, solving obesity, and increasing fitness below. If you have questions or comments for your local community, reach out to jennifer.leary@imail.org to share your thoughts. After all, we’re all in this together.


Opioid Misuse Awareness and Prevention

Intermountain is raising public awareness about opioid misuse in podcasts, media interviews, community outreach, and educational campaigns.


Prediabetes Prevention

Intermountain is implementing community-based screenings, brief interventions, education, and resources for treatment. This includes prediabetes education classes, diabetes prevention programs, and chronic disease self-management programs in collaboration with community partners.

We offer a prediabetes screening tool and online prediabetes 101 videos for patients, among other prediabetes resources.

Utah Alliance for the Determinants of Health

The Alliance

The Alliance will address the medical and nonmedical needs of our community members and the changes that need to be made in healthcare delivery and social support resources.

The Alliance, a collaboration led by Intermountain, government agencies, and community-based organizations, hopes to be a national model for positive changes that can be replicated across the country.

Learn more about the Alliance by reading our press release and blog article, as well as a Becker's Hospital Review article.
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Obesity Prevention and McKay-Dee Hospital

Data can be powerful in solving medical problems. Intermountain McKay-Dee Hospital used data to discover certain parts of their community struggled more with obesity than others. The team implemented a LiVe Well plan to help families cope with the physical, mental, and emotional side of obesity and help them live better. The Ochoas are one of those families.

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SelectHealth's Step Express

Moroni Elementary School has partnered with Intermountain to help rural children within its district set goals to live and eat healthier. Central to that effort, the Step Express program was implemented at Moroni Elementary as the targeted health initiative aimed to improve kids' health.


21st Century Medicine


Connecting Non-Profit Clinics to Intermountain’s Lab System


Taking the H2Oath to Conserve Water Across Intermountain Facilities


Buying Local Helps Supply Chains­ and Local Companies Thrive

  • Intermountain Healthcare hosts an annual Local & Diverse Supplier Day event to seek local, women, and minority-owned businesses to include in supply chain directories.
  • The supply chain met with JulieAnn Caramels in October 2019 to learn more about their products and how Intermountain might include them in our sourcing channels.
  • For Nurses Day 2020, Intermountain ordered 12,000+ three-packs of caramels from JulieAnn Caramels, a local confectioner; 800+ more for Healthcare Food Services week.
  • Learn about sourcing with intermountain: www.intermountainhealthcare.org/SCO.
  • Read more about Buying Local here.


Infusing Regenerative Medicine Can Help COVID-19 Patients Recover

  • As a non-profit healthcare system, Intermountain Healthcare participates in the latest treatments to keep people healthy—even if you don’t have insurance.
  • Federal programs help pay for novel treatments that can help people with COVID-19.
  • By coordinating monoclonal antibody treatments to people at elevated risk of getting sicker with COVID-19, we protect them and our community from the effects of COVID.
  • Learn about novel COVID-19 treatments at Intermountain at IntermountainHealthcare.org or by visiting Coronavirus.Utah.gov.
  • Read more about Infusing Regenerative Medicine here.


Enhancing the Social Safety Net for Everyone


  • Protecting the health of a community is the bottom line for community health. Everyone matters, and the safety net infrastructure is better with Intermountain’s involvement.
  • Community Health Workers (CHW) are boots on the ground. CHWs reach out proactively to vulnerable people and populations; This outreach can keep COVID-19 and other transmittable diseases from spreading.
  • To date, 1,290 of Intermountain’s patients have been connected to CHWs. The greatest needs include support for food, rent or mortgage, and utility payments. Utah provides this support with state discretionary funds.
  • Read more about Enhancing the Social Safety Net here.



Celebrating All Paths to Addiction Recovery


  • Recovery from addiction empowers people to live their best lives possible, and helps families and communities grow stronger together
  • Connection is a healing part of recovery, but the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic challenged many in-person recovery activities
  • Reaching out to vulnerable populations helps people maintain long-term recovery, establishes relationships of trust, and celebrates the individual
  • Read more about how USARA Helps People Thrive in Recovery here.