Surgical Weight Loss Seminar - Utah Valley Hospital

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You will learn the following during a Surgical Weight Loss Seminar:

  • What weight loss surgery is
  • What it takes to lose excess weight
  • What the potential risks are
  • The importance of involving your doctor
  • The different types of surgical procedures available

In order to schedule a surgical consult, all patients must first attend one of our free seminars. complete the online seminar at

After registering and viewing the seminar video, you will be prompted to take a brief quiz and submit insurance information to our insurance specialist. Please wait 1-2 weeks for a follow up call to discuss your insurance requirements and next steps to schedule a surgical consult.

Event Contact Information
Contact Name Daniel Burgess
Contact Phone (801) 357-2294
Registration Information

So that we may better assist you in the process toward surgery, please bring your ID and insurance information to the seminar.


Utah Valley Surgical Weight Loss