Making a Difference

Local programs at Intermountain Healthcare hospitals raise funds to benefit hospital projects, patient programs, research, and other initiatives based on community need.

Please consider making a donation to one of the local Intermountain Foundation programs by attending a community event, visiting the foundation offices, or contributing online.

Intermountain Foundation raises funds for Intermountain Healthcare that benefit Intermountain's hospitals in many ways, including the following:

  • Patient programs
  • Medical research
  • Medical equipment
  • Charity care
  • Hospital projects and initiatives based on community need

Consider making a gift to one of the local Intermountain Foundation programs by giving online, contacting one of the Foundation offices at an Intermountain hospital, or by attending one of the Foundation's many fundraising events.



View the hospitals that Intermountain Foundation supports.


Intermountain Transformation Center

Intermountain Foundation supports the Intermountain Transformation Center through philanthropy. Be a part of this innovative approach to healthcare by making a gift in support of the Transformation Center.

Homecare and Hospice

Intermountain Foundation for Homecare & Hopsice is dedicated to raising philanthropic support for charitable Homecare and Hospice services, provided by Intermountain Homecare.