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Focusing on Your Priorities

Focusing on the important things in life, including your values, goals, exercise, and diet, can go a long way in helping to manage a chronic condition.


A parent's role in their child's care doesn't stop as a child becomes more independent.

Paying For Your Prescriptions and Supplies

Understanding health insurance is a must when trying to manage a chronic condition.

Planning Ahead

When planning for the future, considering the care of one's chronic condition is key to success.
Depression or Grief

Staying in the Safe Zone

Staying safe with a chronic condition includes the avoidance of risky behaviors.
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Taking Care of You

Taking care of all the dimensions of well-being is vital to the maintenance of a chronic condition.

Taking Charge

Showing a chronic condition who is boss helps all areas of life fit together better.

Talking With Others

Talking about one's chronic condition is important for strengthening relationships, building a support system, and improving health.