Surgeons operate on a patient

General Surgery

At Northern Utah Surgeons we offer a wide variety of surgical procedures. Find out about our team and how to schedule an appointment.


Cancer Surgery

We treat many forms of cancer through surgery. Learn more about the different forms of cancer we treat and what resources are available.


Emergency Surgery and Trauma Care

Our team is proud to serve Ogden and the surrounding areas. Not only do we provide general surgery, but we offer emergency surgery and trauma care to the local community.


Hernia Repair

Northern Utah Surgeons offers many resources and treatment for hernias. Learn more about the types of hernias we treat and surgeries we offer.

All Services, Treatments, and Detection Methods


Biopsy is a small operation done to remove tissue or cells from the body.

Cancer Care

We use advanced technology to treat a variety of cancers.

Cancer Surgery

Surgery is used to treat cancer for preventive, diagnostic, and curative purposes.


Colon and rectal conditions include any disease affecting the colon and rectum.

Colorectal Cancer

Colorectal cancer, or colon cancer, occurs in the colon or rectum.

Colorectal Care (Pediatric)

Colorectal care is the process of care for the colon and rectum.

Gallbladder Cancer

Gallbladder cancer is a cancer that starts in the gallbladder.


Our gastroenterology doctors provide comprehensive digestive disorder treatments.


We provide high-quality care for brain, spine, and nervous system conditions.


Orthopedics is the branch of medicine concerned with the musculoskeletal system.

Pancreatic Cancer

Pancreatic cancer occurs when a cell in the pancreas is damaged.


Pancreatitis is the inflammation and autodigestion of the pancreas.


Pediatricians work with healthcare professionals to provide for the needs of children.

Rehabilitation (Pediatric)

Rehabilitation aims to restore functional ability and quality of life.

Thyroid Cancer

Thyroid cancer is a cancer that starts in the thyroid gland.

Trauma Care

Critically-ill and injured patients have immediate access to our trauma center and team.

Wrist and Hand

Orthopedics deals with diseases and injuries of the wrist and hand.