Now Available: Spring/Summer 2013 Healing For Life Magazine

Salt Lake City Healing for Life Magazine, Spring/Summer 2013 editionThe Intermountain Medical Group is pleased to announce that the Spring/Summer 2013 Issue of the Healing for Life magazine is now available in offices, clinics, and hospitals throughout the Salt Lake Valley. We welcome all to pick up a complimentary copy or download an electronic copy online at

The publication is designed to help our community learn more about the outstanding physicians in the Intermountain Medical Group, as well as highlight some of the new technologies and innovations they use as they mend, heal, and cure. In this issue, we feature stories on aging, energy drinks, delivery & breastfeeding, and nutrition.

Intermountain Medical Group doctors and clinics are among the most highly respected and well known in the Intermountain area. They understand that healing isn’t just about clinical excellence. Healing is about prevention, comfort, accessibility, knowledge, and understanding. This new publication is dedication to our patients and to their health.

The Spring/Summer 2013 edition of the Healing for Life Magazine is now available.

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