Intermountain Healthcare Partners with DXC Technology to Speed Technology Implementation and Enhance Healthcare for Patients

Intermountain Healthcare has announced that it has entered into an agreement with DXC Technology that will accelerate adoption of new computer technologies and help physicians and other clinicians continue to provide high-quality care for patients.

As part of the partnership, 98 IT employees at Intermountain will be transitioning to DXC as their employer, effective June 3, 2018. Another 260 employees who work in IT at Intermountain are not affected by the change. Intermountain has already been working with DXC on multiple projects since 2012.

The IT employees affected – none of whom are clinicians – work in areas such as computer support (phone technicians who assist other employees), internet access, and system administration.  IT areas not affected by the change who will remain employed by Intermountain include those working in cybersecurity, onsite support, TeleHealth, and the Intermountain data center.

According to Marc Probst, chief information officer for Intermountain, “As a healthcare provider that is not in the business of developing IT solutions, Intermountain has found it makes sense to partner with highly efficient and effective companies such as DXC to perform certain IT tasks. The partnership with DXC offers cost-effective IT solutions within the healthcare industry, as well as access to an extensive network with expertise in technology management.”

DXC Technology, headquartered in Virginia, provides information technology services to businesses and governments. The company has 150,000 employees in more than 70 countries, serving some 6,000 clients, including strategic partners such as Amazon Web Services, AT&T, and Microsoft. For more information on DXC’s Healthcare practice, visit:

Joe Fournier, Intermountain’s chief people officer, said, “These employees are all exceptional and will continue to provide important services to our communities.  It is very important to us that they are well taken care of.”  

Fournier provided additional details of the partnership:

  • No Utah jobs are being lost.  All affected employees will receive a job offer from DXC with a continuation of employment for at least a year.
  • Employees who accept the job offer will transfer to DXC.  Many will continue to work on Intermountain projects, but some will do work for other DXC clients.
  • For any employee not wanting to transfer to DXC, Intermountain will make a placement agency available to help them find other jobs.  Currently, people with IT skills are in high demand locally and nationally.

This is the last new or expanded partnership arrangement — like R1 and DXC— we will consider in the foreseeable future.