Four Intermountain Healthcare Hospitals Ranked on IBM Watson Health’s Top 100 Hospitals List for 2021

IBM Watson Health and Fortune magazine have ranked four Intermountain Healthcare hospitals on the prestigious Top 100 Hospitals list for 2021.

The annual list compares the nation’s top healthcare facilities for quality care and patient satisfaction, but this year they also measured community health contributions.

LDS Hospital in Salt Lake City and McKay-Dee Hospital in Ogden ranked 11th and 13th in the category of Top 25 Teaching Hospitals, while Cedar City Hospital and American Fork Hospital ranked 5th and 15th on the Top 20 Small Community Hospitals category. 

The IBM Watson Health study analyzes publicly available data from more than 2,600 facilities to measure the top hospitals in the country, highlighting medical facilities improving efficiency and patient care. 

This year, the study also measured the “community health” impact of a hospital, analyzing how hospitals engage with the goal of improving the wellbeing of the entire community outside of their facilities.

“I’m glad to see hospitals being judged by their community health benefits because so much of staying healthy has to do with what happens outside the four walls of a hospital or clinic,” said Rob Allen, Intermountain Healthcare’s chief operating officer. “Seeing our hospitals make this list shows our focus on overall health is making a difference.”

The results of the IBM Watson Health study show that if all hospitals performed like this year’s top hospitals it would mean:

  • 79,000 additional lives could be saved in hospital
  • More than $10.1 billion could be saved on in patient care
  • 34,000 fewer patients would be readmitted within 30 days

To see the full results of the IBM Watson Health study click here.



LDS, McKay-Dee, Cedar City, and American Fork Hospitals all honored.