Select Health Unveils New Look

Select Health, a nonprofit health plan serving more than 1 million members across the Mountain West, today announced updated branding that includes a new color palette, updated logo, and adjustment to the organization’s name.

These changes reflect Select Health’s continued focus on offering a simple, seamless health insurance experience in an industry known for its complexity.

“Our new brand identity is striking, but the refresh represents so much more than a new aesthetic,” said Rob Hitchcock, Select Health president and chief executive officer. “We have had the honor of simplifying the healthcare journey for our members for forty years. The new branding signifies our ongoing commitment to best support them on their individual health journeys with a simple, seamless experience.” 

Highlights of the new branding include:

  • A revamp of the Select Health signature check mark, with a diamond that represents excellence plus support, and hands that represent the empowerment of customers in every step of the healthcare journey.
  • Updated warm colors to set it apart from the rest of the industry and align with its parent company and trusted partner, Intermountain Health.
  • A slight change in its brand name, adding a space between the two words. The change modernizes the name and emphasizes “select” as an adjective that highlights its reputation for high-quality health insurance.

“Over the years our customers have thanked us for being a trusted partner in helping them manage the complexities of healthcare,” said Nate Foco, Select Health chief marketing officer. “Our customers want simplicity reflected in our marketing, communications, web design, and most of all, their healthcare experience. Simple is our north star and guided all aspects of our new corporate identity.”

This updated branding aligns with a similar update from Intermountain Health earlier this year. The two organizations form an integrated health system committed to advancing value-based care for patients across their healthcare journeys. Select Health will continue to work alongside other organizations beyond Intermountain Health to provide insurance and access for its members.

Select Health celebrates its 40th anniversary this fall with a strong presence in Utah, with steady growth in surrounding states, including Idaho, Nevada, and Colorado beginning in 2024. 

About Select Health
Select Health® is a nonprofit health plan dedicated to simplifying healthcare for its more than 1 million members across the Mountain West. Through a shared mission with Intermountain Health of Helping People Live the Healthiest Lives Possible®, Select Health is committed to making this possible through simple, sincere, and seamless experiences and products. Deeply rooted in value-based care, Select Health offers commercial and government medical plans, as well as dental, vision, and pharmacy benefit management. For more information, visit



Updated identity highlights Select Health’s commitment to simplifying healthcare