Intermountain Healthcare has changed the spelling of its name (Healthcare is one word). Because of this change, Intermountain Healthcare no longer goes by IHC.

Proper Name Guidelines

When writing about Intermountain, please follow these style guide recommendations:

  • In the first reference, the full name of our organization is preferred: Intermountain Healthcare.
  • When a shortened reference is needed, the use of "Intermountain" is encouraged.
  • Please spell "Healthcare" as one word.
  • Because "Healthcare" is one word, the use of "IHC" is obsolete. Please do not use it.

When Intermountain adopted its new brand in 2005, we started using “Intermountain” as the short form of our name.

Consistently referring to our organization as “Intermountain” (the communities we serve) and “Healthcare” (what we provide) reinforces our mission: Helping people live the healthiest lives possible SM.


If you have any questions regarding the name style guide for Intermountain, please contact the Media Relations team in Communications at Intermountain's central office.