Alta View Hospital Infusion Services

We are located on the first floor of the hospital across from Human Resources.

Alta View Hospital Outpatient Pulmonary Test Lab

Open today: 24 hours
From the main hospital entrance, take the elevators to level 2. After exiting the elevator, check-in at the outpatient registration desk.

Bear River Valley Hospital Infusion Services

Enter from the Emergency Room side of the hospital, located on the south west corner.

Bear River Valley Hospital Plastic Surgery

From the main entrance, check in at the admitting desk. An employee will walk you back to Plastic Surgery area.

Budge Clinic

Southwest corner of the Logan Regional Hospital Campus

Budge Clinic Gastroenterology

Budge Clinic, Fourth Floor, Budge South, Enter through the Budge Clinic West or South Entrance and take the elevator or stairs to the fourth floor. The check-in desk is directly to the right if you are facing the elevators.