Bereavement Services

The pain experienced after losing a loved one can feel overwhelming and interminable, but Intermountain’s bereavement services can help you manage your loss and pain. While our services will never erase your loss, you can learn to live a full life again.


Caregiver Respite and Support

Providing full-time care for a loved one can be overwhelming and exhausting. By seeking support and managing your own wellbeing you will both be able to live the healthiest lives possible.


End-of-Life Planning

Advance care or end-of-life planning encourages you to record and share your healthcare preferences with providers and loved ones. putting everyone’s mind at ease. By understanding and expressing your desires with a sound mind you can you can articulate what it means to live — and die — on your own terms.


Pharmacy Services

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Medical Equipment and Supplies

Hospice and palliative care situations often require special medical equipment and supplies. We can help you order the supplies you need and help you understand how to use them correctly.


Nursing Care and Coordination

Palliative care is medical care focused on improving quality of life for patients and their families. Specialized nurses play a key role on your palliative care team, helping to manage medications and make plans.


Pain and Symptom Management

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Physician Care

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Social Work Services

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Spiritual Support

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Volunteer Support

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